Otto Sweatshirt Egret


• Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Fabric Origin: The country of origin of the organic cotton changes with each batch, the yarns are spun in Portugal & the fabric knitted & finished in Barcelos, Portugal

Made in Portugal

• Äsh is 166 cm / 75E and wears a size XS

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Machine wash with similar colors at max. 30 degrees, do not bleach or tumble dry. Please wash our garments on a low spin cycle. 

If any item is a little smaller after washing it as instructed on the care label, iron it and it will expand again. This is also due to the fact, that we don’t add synthetic fibers. 

If any of your items have white streaks on them after washing, this is usually because of water hardness. Hard water stains appear as chalky white residue that results from buildup of excess minerals present in hard water. Unfortunately this might happen with many of your clothes, but adding a bit of vinegar to each wash load might help.

For certifications, information on the textile and production please carefully read our FAQ's.

At dariadéh we don't use any conventional synthetics in our garments. This means they will behave differently from most of the clothes you know from other brands, who use Elastane or Polyester (synthetic fibers) to keep garments in shape. We mostly use natural fibers and no conventional synthetics, which means that especially non-woven items (knits, ribs, etc.) grow while wearing them. Please use the size chart as an orientation for your size but note that deviations are normal with the type of composition we use. For some items such as knits deviations can be quite high and are not a reason for a free return. 

Tax € 20,71
This part is forwarded to the tax authorities.

Production Cost € 27,85
Production Costs include costs for fabrics, sampling, sourcing and labour.

Fulfilment € 12,18
This includes fees for handling, storage, customer service as well as postal charges which we forward to our fulfilment partners.

Company Costs € 44,27
Company costs include all expenses for office space, employees, marketing, IT costs and our profit margin. Depending on the product, the profit margin is about one third of the company costs.

Social Responbilities € 0,50
For every order we give away to charity.

Payment Fees € 3,49
This fee is forwarded to the payment provider.

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