When I saw a documentary about leather tanneries in Bangladesh in 2013, I decided to find out more about alternatives to fast fashion. I didn't want to support the exploitation of people, animals and nature anymore with my monthly purchases from fast fashion giants.

The years that followed, I tried to get people to pay more attention to the sustainable fashion world with my blog "dariadaria". When I put my blog to rest in 2017, dariadéh was born. My goal is to make timeless, high quality and more sustainable fashion for many people. 

With dariadéh I try to get a little closer to my dream of a more conscientious fashion world. We follow the "giving back" idea and donate 50 cents to charity with every order placed. We try to act as ethically and ecologically as we can at this point, any questions about this we have tried to answer in the FAQ section. It is a process that is still in the beginning and grows with each challenge.

Love, Madeleine