Shipping & Returns


We ship to many countries and also overseas. You can see if we ship to your country at checkout, as well as the shipping costs. We ask our customers to inform themselves about import taxes and duties in their home country, as these must be borne by the customer. 

It depends on where you are and how busy our warehouse is. Please allow up to 7 business days for your package to arrive.

Your shipping costs will automatically be calculated during checkout, as they vary on your location and size of the parcel. Before accepting the delivery please make sure that the parcel is not damaged and no item was removed.

Unfortunately we can not ship to packing stations. Please only use a valid home (or office) address.


To return items please visit our Return Center.

You have the right to return the goods within fourteen days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the day on which the goods were delivered to you. 

In the case of a defective product we will refund the purchase price and take over the return costs, in all other cases the customer has to pay the return costs. If you have received a defective product, please contact us.

Costs for return shipment due to wrong address or not timely pick up in the parcel shop must be borne by the customer as we can not assume any liability for third party debt. Damaged (due to usage) goods are excluded from return and exchange. This also accounts for items that are tried on without underwear. If we receive goods after the expiry of the period or damaged through use we can not accept the return.

Yes. After we have received and checked your return, we will refund the item price and the initial shipping costs. Unfortunately we can not refund the costs for the return shipping. We can only refund via the same method of payment the initial purchase was made.

No. We will refund your money and a new order has to be made. Therefore please use the size measures on the product site.

The cost of a package return from a packing station after the parcel was not picked up in time has to be covered by the customer.

Unfortunately we can not refund the money if the refund package is damaged, opened or lost on the way. Therefore we highly recommend insured shipping.

Returns from Switzerland and other non EU countries: any additional costs such as customs clearance fees or cash on delivery costs and the collection of packages from the customs office will not be paid, we do not accept such packages. Please make sure that you register your return with customs for free circulation under customs and tax law or pay customs beforehand when returning something to us.

Our Vienna Store

Our store is open every Friday from 11 to 19 and Saturday from 10:30 to 18. Please make sure to check Google Maps first, where we update our opening times in case anything changes.

Yes, it is also possible to redeem an online gift card in our Vienna store.

Unfortunately we can currently not process online returns in our Vienna location.

You can return or exchange anything 14 days after purchase. Please make sure to keep and provide your receipt for this.

Our Products

We recommend washing our clothes with mild detergent or detergent for wool and silk. Since conventional "color detergents" contain enzymes that break down the fiber or remove the color. The classic color refreshing promised by conventional detergents works mainly with cotton. With cellulose fibers, these enzymes have exactly the opposite effect. Since we work mainly with Lyocell yarns, the "wrong" detergent makes the reversal effect of the color detergent visible on almost every part (e.g. at the seams).

We therefore recommend to always use detergent that is suitable for wool and silk or to make sure when buying the detergent that it does not contain enzymes. We also highly advise a low spin cycle and no tumble drying.

For our more delicate styles such as 100% cupro items we recommend hand wash, if you want to be on the safe side.

All of our items are produced in Portugal, Serbia and Turkey, mostly in small family-owned factories.

Normally 7.5 hours per day excluding a 1 hour lunch break and breaks in the morning / afternoon.

Unfortunately the clothing industry pays (close to) minimum wage all over the world. In countries where the standard of living is low (e.g. Bangladesh, India, China) this puts garment workers at risk for extreme poverty. Luckily in Portugal, where most of our clothing is made, the standard of living is a little bit better, the minimum wage is around €820 per month, 14 times per year.
Wages in our factories in Portugal vary between positions and are around €850-€1.350 for sewing positions.

The minimum wage in Turkey is 17.002TL (€480). Wages in our factories vary between positions and are around 19.500TL (€558) - 25.000TL (€750) for sewing positions.

The minimum wage in Serbia is €390. The average salary in our factory for a sewing position is €530.
(Updated May 2024)

First of all, the factories are not ours as they not only produce for us. That being said the amount of workers depends on the factory. We like to work with smaller, family run businesses and most of our items come from such. The smallest factory we work with has around 20 employees, the bigger ones around 150.

We have carefully selected each manufacturer, personally visit production sites multiple times per year (except during the pandemic) and have quality managers on the ground who visit the factories on a weekly basis. Also most of our factories are certified (apart from very small ones, as they just aren't big enough to get certification / it's too expensive for them) by the worldwide leading textile processing standard including ecological and social criteria.

This is a claim that's nearly impossible to claim and we're very careful with those kind of claims. Most of the components we use would degrade without leaving any eco-toxic residue, however the dyes that we currently use, even though it's the most sustainable ones our factories can provide, are made with (non toxic and heavy metal free) chemicals that can never be claimed as biodegradable. The closest to biodegradable would be our items in the color "Ecru", as they haven't been dyed at all. Yet we would have to do scientific testing to use this claim and therefore don't claim anything we haven't thoroughly tested on a scientific basis.

Every six months, we donate the entire amount to a charitable organization, choosing a new facility every six months which we communicate on Instagram.

In the past we have supported Seebrücke, Cadus, Vienna Womens Shelter, Visions for Children and many more.

Our items are made entirely of organic cotton, recycled cotton, Lyocell (Tencel ™), linen, recycled wool and Bemberg (Cupro). The elastane used in elastic parts is Roica® V550, a yarn that degrades in the environment without releasing harmful substances (non-ecotoxic) and is certified with the C2C Gold Standard. This yarn is produced in Japan, Thailand, China and Germany.

Furthermore, Corozo nuts are used for our buttons, which are sanded into buttons by a family run factory in Portugal. For the elastic waistband in our trousers we use a mixture of 50% natural rubber and 50% organic cotton. These natural rubber bands are produced in a small factory in Austria.

The metal sliders which we use in some products are made in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal in a small family business. The material for the sliders is sourced in Europe (Luxembourg & Belgium) and is nickel free.

All our products are vegan, except for our recycled wool styles. We decided to introduce recycled wool as a much warmer alternative to our organic cotton knit styles. Our recycled wool is made entirely from post (recycled garments) and pre consumer recycled wool (spinning waste from factories) and therefore a very sustainable fiber.

Leftover fabrics and textile scraps from our production go to several projects, that use them to sew filling for reusable menstruation pads or cotton pads. Since this year we also work with social project Vintage For a Cause that sew scrunchies from leftover fabric.

No. A vegetable dye for fabrics would mean that our products should be washed only using cold water but also that they would fade in the sunlight. In addition, various color (deep black) can not be achieved with vegetable colors.

Loyalty Program

To collect points, customers must create an account if they have not already done so. Unfortunately there is no way to add points from previous / past orders.

Your points will be credited as soon as the status of your order is "paid". In case of a return, points are automatically deducted as soon as the status is "refunded".

Unfortunately, there can sometimes be delays here, which we cannot prevent.

Tiering of Points & Perks:

€1 = 1 point
400 points = freeshipping code
800 points = 10% off on a single order
1100 points = 15% off on a single order

Any other questions?

For any further questions you can contact our customer support. We will be happy to assist you!