Otto Sweatshirt Icy Blue

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• Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Fabric Origin: The country of origin of the organic cotton changes with each batch, the yarns are spun in Portugal & the fabric knitted & finished in Barcelos, Portugal

Made in Portugal

• Madeleine is 160 cm / 75B and wears size XS

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Name of factory: LT CLOTHING Lda

Country: Portugal

Partner since: 2019

Number of employees: 21

Factory Location: Parque Industrial das Lamelas, Pavilhão G, 4750-841 Vila Frescainha

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Some questions you might ask yourself

Please use the size chart as an orientation for your size but note that deviations are normal with the type of composition we use. To measure take an item you have at home and compare the measurements with the size chart of the desired product.

We don't use any conventional synthetics in our garments. This means they will behave differently from most of the clothes you know from other brands, who use Elastane or Polyester (synthetic fibers) to keep garments in shape. We mostly use natural fibers and no conventional synthetics, which means that especially non-woven items (knits, ribs, etc.) grow while wearing them. For some items such as knits deviations can be quite high and are not a reason for a free return. 

Shipping countries and costs will be automatically shown to you at checkout. Upon receiving your item you can return it at your own expense for 14 days. Read more in our returns policy.

We recommend washing our clothes with mild detergent or detergent for wool and silk. Since conventional "color detergents" contain enzymes that break down the fiber or remove the color. The classic color refreshing promised by conventional detergents works mainly with cotton. With cellulose fibers, these enzymes have exactly the opposite effect. Since we work mainly with Lyocell yarns, the "wrong" detergent makes the reversal effect of the color detergent visible on almost every part (e.g. at the seams).

We therefore recommend to always use detergent that is suitable for wool and silk or to make sure when buying the detergent that it does not contain enzymes. We also highly advise a low spin cycle and no tumble drying.

For our more delicate styles such as 100% cupro items we recommend hand wash, if you want to be on the safe side.

The elastane used in elastic parts is Roica® V550, a yarn that degrades in the environment without releasing harmful substances (non-ecotoxic) and is certified with the C2C Gold Standard. This yarn is produced in Japan, Thailand, China and Germany.

Furthermore, Corozo nuts are used for our buttons, which are sanded into buttons by a family run factory in Portugal. For the elastic waistband in our trousers we use a mixture of 50% natural rubber and 50% organic cotton. These natural rubber bands are produced in a small factory in Austria.

The metal sliders which we use in some products are made in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal in a small family business. The material for the sliders is sourced in Europe (Luxembourg & Belgium) and is nickel free.